Bar Community SG

090612 marked the long-awaited gathering of the bar and bodyweight training community here in Singapore, inspired by the videos of our counterparts all around the world.

The freestyle, free-and-easy event was held at the SUTD Dover campus, and the turnout was good. There was sharing all around on training tips, knowledge and experiences, and firm friendships were forged in the crucible of a common love for physical culture.

It was heartening to see and be around so many like-minded individuals, bonded in our passion for bodyweight training.

It was especially uplifting to see a number of younger people, who are following in the trail of those who have blazed the path before them, while leaving behind significant marks of their own.

There is huge potential to be tapped in the Singapore bodyweight and bar training circles, and I have little doubt that the Bar Community SG will soon leave a very notable imprint on the global street workout scene.

Thanks for all those who came down and shared their knowledge, experience and tips, and who offered their friendships so readily.

Special thanks to Michael Ong of SUTD Fitness and DIY Gym for helping to organise and host the event, as well as giving us demonstrations of the use and manufacture of some homemade exercise equipment.

It is my fondest hope for the bodyweight and bar training culture here to continue to grow and blossom, drawing more bright sparks to the fledgling flame of the Singapore street workout community.

Keep the good work coming, and spread the word far and wide: Bar Community SG – it’s all about keeping fit, getting stronger, and having one hell of a good time while doing it. 🙂 

~ This post is written by Lionel Ng, part-time Personal Trainer & full-time Fitness Enthusiast. ~