Dynamic Stretching – Safe or not

Dynamic stretching, is it safe? Will doing dynamic stretching rip your muscles apart, as so claimed by experts? Well, many conventional “personal trainer” certification courses seems to do so. And many experts had also condemned dynamic stretching. 

Well, to their poor credit, to the sedentary and white collar slaves,who have the amazing ability to be stuck to their desk from 8am-5pm, moving only for lunch and toilet breaks, these folks WILL break something if they decided to do some dynamic move. It seems that the ‘experts’ have limited their research to only this group of people. 

If Dynamic stretching is all that bad, Usain Bolt would have torn his hamstring long ago, as sprinting involves muscle extension and contraction, in extreme speed. Each strand of muscles contract to the shortest and spring to the max to propel the sprinter forward. There is no time to allow your muscle to “ease” into the stretch.

What about Chinese Wushu (Kung fu)? Kicks are delivered high and lowered in split second. So, does the so called experts dare to mention that these sprinters and martial artists are not doing the right thing? 



The only reason why people can get hurt from dynamic stretching, is because they lead a lifestyle too sedentary. So much that their body got used to only a short range of motion. So when the range of motion goes just a little further than usual, any form of stretching (or even movement) will tear them apart. 

The body is a very adaptable organism. Stop moving, and your body will adapt. Move alot, and your body will also adapt to it. 


Posted by Jay Ding